Who Is This Blog For, Anyway?


Seriously, you. Are you married? Are you single? Are you divorced? Are you a pastor? Are you a church member? Are you an atheist? Are you gay? Are you straight? Are you Jewish? Are you Pagan? Are you Buddhist? Are you Muslim?

Obviously the people who can relate the most to my personal experiences are straight, single, white Christians. But I’m interested in talking to anyone, and hearing how your experiences differ (or relate) to mine.

I’m especially interested in opening a dialogue with the church, because I feel (and the numbers support me) that singles are seriously underserved by the Christian church in America.

I’d love to meet more Christian singles, but I’d also love to meet more Christian married people, more people of other faiths, more gay or bisexual people of faith. I want to learn from you, and I want you to learn from me.

Link me to your blog. Comment here.

Let’s talk.

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