I’m Infectious

22 Jul

Apparently my vocal attitude about being a single adult in the church has started infecting other people. Earlier this week I was talking to my mom, and she said she was depressed about church lately. When I asked why, she said it was the whole “Gold Medal Families” topic.

I admit, I cackled with laughter.

Her complaint was that the preacher said, in essence, “This sermon is applicable to everyone! Married people, single people, empty nesters…” Then he went on to talk about five reasons God created families.

Reason number one? Companionship. Reason number two? Procreation.

Yeah, because those two totally apply to me. I get my companionship from two cats and my friends, who live in various places across the globe. And I’ve never procreated in my life and don’t want to.

Yup, that sermon was totally applicable to me. And honestly, I don’t think the empty nesters are out there wanting to procreate all over again, now that they’ve finally got the house to themselves for the first time in 18 or 30 years.

And the best part of all this is that the above reaction wasn’t mine. Well, it was, but only after my mom related the story to me. The above reaction was hers, because she is the parent of a single adult.

Here is where I have to thank God, loudly and often, for a mother who understands that I’m happy as a single adult and that I have never wanted children. Thank God my mother comes from a family full of bachelor uncles and spinster aunts and doesn’t see my unmarried status as a flaw in me. Thank God my mother takes my side.

But yeah, anyway. I think I must be infectious.

Or just really loud.

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