Why I’m starting this blog

26 Mar

Tonight, my church held a Passover Seder meal, led by the lovely Fiona Sorbala of Chosen People Ministries. The organization exists to bring the good news of Jesus the Messiah to Jewish people everywhere. It’s a great idea, and the meal was informative and moving.

I started thinking about questions I wanted to ask my Jewish friend, and I wondered if she would be offended that my Christian church celebrated her Jewish holiday. Would she consider it cultural appropriation, or would she acknowledge the logic of Christians celebrating a meal that our Messiah also celebrated the night he was betrayed? I don’t know. I haven’t asked her yet. To be honest, I’m still trying to muster the courage. It’s so easy to offend people, even when it isn’t intended.

I attended the meal with my parents. I love my parents, but I have yet to meet a single person over the age of 23 at my church. Part of that is my fault. I enjoy working with teenagers, so the sum of my involvement at church so far has been helping out with the high school youth. But to be honest, I don’t see a lot of opportunities for me to meet singles at my church.

I have nothing against married people, and have lots of married friends. But I want to have friends who can relate to my every-day living situation. I have some single friends I keep in touch with via online channels, and that’s great. But I want to have friends I can go out to dinner with or hang out with on a Friday night.

Gandhi exhorted us to be the change we want to see in the world. I need to step up my game, no question.

This blog is me, starting out to do just that.

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